Frequently asked Questions

Takweya is an online platform that allows students to find tutors using messaging platforms such as Telegram and Whatsapp.
 Students can learn, interact and ask questions to qualified tutors in their own comfort at any time of the day.

Upon signing up on Takweya, and choosing a tutor for answering your specific query. Both tutors and students are provided a common link that navigates them to an online whiteboard session where they are provided working space, to sketch and solve questions along with live voice and video feed. These sessions can be recorded by the student in order to view it later.

By using any of your favorite payment cards, you will be able to top-up your student account balance, in which it will be used to pay for all your tutoring needs with Takweya.  

To find tutors, all you have to do is click the ‘enter a new question’ button, write down or take pictures of your question, send the question. within a few moments you will start to see proposals from teachers who are willing and able to start a tutoring session with you. You may choose any proposal that best suits you!

Prices start from AED 60 per hour, and we bill you by the minute after 15 minutes.
Teachers set their own prices based on their experience, education level and the complexity of the subject. You can view the pricing and profile of each teacher when you receive a proposal from when you receive a question.  

We do careful screening and verification on all tutors before they are able to start recieving students questions. Moreover whenever you receive a teacher's proposal to solve or help you with your query, you can click on ‘view profile’ to be able to get more information about the teacher such as educational background and ratings that were submitted by other students.



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